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Mf8's Teraminx

The Teraminx is a variation of the Megaminx (a dodecahedron shaped puzzle). It is essentially a three layered Megaminx and/or a 7x7. The first Teraminx was created by Andrew Cormier. The first one of these puzzles auctioned on eBay for 2,250 dollars in 2008. Later in 2009, the Teraminx was mass produced by Cube4You and now sells for 66 dollars.

Its smaller brothers are the Hectominx, Kilominx, Megaminx, Master Hectominx, and Gigaminx.

Its bigger brothers are the Pettaminx, Examinx, Zettaminx, and Yottaminx.

Can you solve the Teraminx? If you can, please post your record here (and go by ranking please).