FANDOM is a website that is also currently a wiki but only recently became a wiki. It contains some of the stuff that WikiCube has, including the 17x17 and the 22x22 and lots of other stuff. Ruwix owns a lot of other websites. Edit is one of the websites that Ruwix owns. It has competitions for kids and the reward is $100 in Rubik's Puzzles from, Lighttake, and SpeedCubeShop, shipping fee included. Round 1 started in April 2017 and ended on May 2017. Round 2 started at the beginning of summer 2017 and will end on August 22, 2017 (EST). There is a proposed Round 3, as stated in the workbook for Round 2 provided for download, question 25.

Round 1 Edit

Round 1 had lots of writing in it, including favorite speedcuber and favorite cube. The winner of this round was Benjamin Voller-Brown.

Round 2 Edit

Round 2 has lots of summer activities in it, including watching a movie with a Rubik's Cube in it, taking a picture of a Rubik's Cube at a tourist attraction, making a new magic trick for the cube, and making a new pattern for the cube. There is no winner yet as the deadline was on August 23, 2017, at 00:00 UTC time so they are updating the site (probably for Round 3 or congratulating everyone and announcing the winner).

Round 3 Edit

Round 3 is not in action yet but is proposed to happen. This is hinted in Round 2's "workbook", question 25, where the question states "Come up with a new puzzle-related task/question for the next round of this competition." Round 3 may or may not be Round 2 themed, as school starts in September and Round 2 was summer-themed. Edit

This solving page includes a cube in 3D or a net of the 3x3 cube where anyone can put their scramble on; the page can tell whether the position is unsolvable or not by calculating solutions in less than 30 moves (mostly under 27). It also calculates the layer-by-layer solution if this takes too much time. This site also teaches you how to solve the cube.

This site can also solve the 2x2 and the Pyraminx. The developers are currently working on the world's first 4x4 solver.