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Petrus method

The Petrus method was invented by Lars Petrus. It consists on blockbuilding, first a 1x2x2 block, then a 2x2x2, then a 3x3x2, then fixing the mis-oriented (bad) edges, then finishing the first two layers, then permutation of the corners, followed by orientation of the corners and finally permutation of the edges. Each step is merged as much as possible to the following, for example, many people fix all the mis-oriented edges while finishing the 2x2x3 block.



Some Blockbuilding algorithms include the following

  • Simple Join
  • Double Join
  • Swing
  • Double Swing
  • Roundabout
  • Parrellel Roundabout
  • Pillar

Orientation / PermutationEdit

Some algorithms are Niklas, Sune, Allen, Bert, and Arne.


There are some apps that can help you improve in your journey with the Petrus Method, until now the only one is:

RubiX Cube Solver - Petrus Method Tutorial

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