Rubiks cube junior

This is Rubik's Junior Cube.

The Junior Cube is a 2x2x2 size cube, made to introduce young children to the world of Rubik's puzzles. It is also dubbed as a cube that "anyone can solve".The Junior Cube (JC) has 3 types of sides. The first side is all green, the second is pink with a picture of a monkey's head on it, and the other 4 sides are all pink.


The JC structure uses the exact same structure design as the Pocket Cube. The JC is built upon a structure made with 3 circles. The 3 circles are built with pieces of plastic. The pieces for the circles are split in half, with two sides to each piece of plastic, and a groove on the inside. All of the cubelets are corner pieces. The edges of the cubelets fit into the grooves.

Solving the Junior CubeEdit

The JC can be solved with layer by layer method. Most people solve the monkey first, and then try to put the Green and Pink corners in place to solve the bottom side.


  • Green is the only color that returns from the 2x2 Cube.
    • In this cube, green is lighter and yellower than the original Pocket Cube.