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Solved X-Cube


X-Cube showing the "Pons Asinorum" pattern

The X-Cube (referred to on this wiki as the "3x5x5 Super X-Cube" so as to avoid confusing it with the Dino Cube, which is also referred to by that name), was created in 2012 by Dane Christianson. It is a 3x5x5 cuboid, with the corner columns of the 5x5 face omitted, so that the puzzle forms an X-shape.

It has from the start been offered by its inventor as a download for 3D printing (see the "About" section of the official site); it is also commercially manufactured, and available from Amazon. (See link from official site; if you don't live in North America, follow the link and then change the ".com" to the suffix for your regional Amazon.)

There is also an "X2-Cube" (3x7x7 with a 2x2x3 column omitted from each corner) and a planned "X-Cube 2" (2x4x4 with omitted corner columns).

A different "Super X-Cube" (same shape, different colours*, possibly different mechanism) was designed by Aleh and Evgeniy in 1989.[1] It is available from the HK Now Store[2] and from Meffert's Puzzles[3]. Tony Fisher also designed a puzzle of this type.[1]; scroll up to the first post in the thread

*Both X-Cubes have the traditional colour arrangement (red opposite orange, green opposite blue, white opposite yellow), but the first one on this page has white-yellow as the 5x5 faces, whilst the other one has red-orange.



X2-Cube showing the "Pons Asinorum"

The X-Cube is essentially a shape mod of the 3x3x3. The X2-Cube has more freedom of movement, but not much more due to internal bandaging; it handles somewhat like a Professor Cube.


How to assemble the X2 (X-Cube Master)

How to assemble the X2 (X-Cube Master)

How to assemble the X2-Cube

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