The 1x2x2 cuboid (also known as 2x2 floppy cube) is one of the easiest cuboid puzzles ever.


This cuboid has the following notation:

R is like the R move in other puzzles, but is 180 degrees

U turns up 180 degrees

R1/2 is the normal R move

' is still used for inversion

How to solve / Algorithims

Do the following Steps:

  1. Check if your cube has shape-shifted, if so do R1/2.
  2. If the top and bottom are not solved, do U' to solve them.
  3. Then if the sides are not solved, do the following moves: U' R'.
  4. if your cube is not solved then try just doing U'.
  5. last case: if your cube is still not solved then do R' and your cube will be solved.
  6. This is just the bigginner's algorithm there are faster ways to solve the puzzle.
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