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Mira Laime
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• 8/11/2017

What in the world happened to the "cubes" category?

For some reason, there are multiple dodecahedra, octahedra, cuboids, tetrahedra, and one icosahedron in the "cubes" category and the description says "strictly cubes". I know that a few of these was my fault (I didn't read the description until today), but there have been others that have added articles that are not cubes into this category. I am in the process of taking those articles out of the cubes category, but man, this takes about forever to do and is quite boring. So please—don't add stuff that is not a cube into "cubes".

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• 9/6/2017
Many people use "cube" as a synonym for twisty puzzle, because the Rubik's Cube was the first. However, although the Pyraminx (for example) does not belong in the "Cubes" category, the Pyramorphix does because it's a shape mod of the Pocket Cube. I even added an illustration to show this.
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